• Ulcerative Colitis Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions
  • Crohn's Disease
    • It is type of inflammatory bowel disease.
    • Unlike Ulcerative colitis which affects colon and rectum, it can affect any part of gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus.
  • Infectious Diseases:
    • Many Infections of the small intestines can mimic Ulcerative Colitis.
    • They may be of bacterial, fungal, viral, or protozoal in origin.
    For example- Campylobacter colitis, Salmonella, C.difficile, Yersinia enterocolitica etc
  • Ischemic colitis:
    • It can produce ischemic process which can be chronic and diffuse as ulcerative colitis
    • It can cause scarring and stricture formation.
  • Intestinal tuberculosis

    • Intestinal tuberculosis infection occurs mainly in the immune suppressed patient, but may occur in patients with normal immunity.
    • Patients present with symptoms of small bowel obstruction and a tender abdominal mass due to involvement of distal ileal and cecal involvement.
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