• Styes Introduction

Stye Introduction

The eye is an unparalleled organ responsible for our vision. Eyelids safeguard the eyes and help in moistening and cleaning them. When bacteria obstruct hair follicles of eyelids, styes are formed.

Styes are among the commonest types of eyelid infections encountered worldwide and also one of the most distressing. The course of an untreated Stye cannot be well predicted- it could shrink, enlarge or even burst and infect adjacent parts of the eye.

Because styes affect one of the most important organs of the body, treatment should be prompt, safe, ruthless with the infection but gentle on the eyes. Homeopathy does just that!

There are more than 50 well-proved remedies in Homeopathy to manage styes. Each remedy is carefully selected based on the characteristics symptoms of the patient.

Homeopathic medicines improve immunity, remove the infection and take care of the eyes, providing better vision without troublesome side effects.