• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Home Remedies

Home Remedies
  • Family support is the key to healing. Tremendous patience, love and support are essential.
  • Be aware about the disease. The more information you have, the more equipped you will be in handling the condition (for yourself or a loved one).
  • Practice calming techniques like meditation and yoga.
  • Be busy. Interact with people, smile and laugh more.
  • Keep in touch with your treatment. Ensure that you are following your doctor's prescription properly.
  • Never ignore any symptoms as trivial. If you feel uncomfortable about something, speak up.
  • Try not bringing the topic of OCD again and again in front of patient. Help him/her to lead a normal life.
  • Usually the person with OCD is aware of the condition, so do not try to reason with them however illogical their rituals may be.
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