• Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment


Treatment for molluscum contagiosum. is based on individual's immunity, changes in the lesions and severity of eruptions.

  • If the immune system is vigorous, the eruptions of Molluscum contagiosum resolve on their own, any time between 6 months and 18 months. Additionally, since the disease is extremely contagious, resolution of the lesions does not mean that a fresh batch of eruptions will not occur.
  • Longer periods of infection and non-resolution are also seen in children, as well as adults having weakened immunity.
  • Treatments like curettage (scraping of the lesions), laser therapy, cryotherapy (freezing of lesions) and chemical cauterization are surgical options that are followed in treatment for molluscum contagiosum. However, such procedures tend to leave behind scars instead of normal skin and are not recommended, especially in children.