• Learning Disabilities Treatment

  • It is important to remember that there is relief for Learning Disabilities though with specialized trainings, instruction child can lead a normal academic life.
  • Children with learning disabilities can be great achievers if they receive timely assistance.
  • The most common treatment for learning disabilities is special education. This type of education is customised suiting each child’s need. Specially trained educators usually first conduct diagnostic educational evaluation and assess child's academic and intellectual potential.
  • Then the basic approach is to teach learning skills and build upon child's abilities and strengths.
  • This includes correcting and compensating for disabilities and weaknesses.
  • Other assistance such as speech and language therapies also may be required to be given to child in treatment for learning Disabilities.
  • Some medications are prescribed in treatment for learning Disabilities for better concentration and memory.
  • Psychotherapies may also be a part of treatment of learning Disabilities.
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