• Learning Disabilities Definition


Learning Disabilities are defined as a group of neurological conditions or Disabilities which results in inability to store, process, or produce information required for normal learning and functional process. This term does not include disorder due to hearing or vision issues. It includes difficulties in child’s ability in fields such as reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.

learning disabilities definition

Learning disability is lifelong issue and cannot be cured completely. It needs to be tackled efficiently for proper development of learning skills in an individual. First and most vital step to treat Learning Disability is to understand it.

It is commonly known as Learning disability, Learning difficulty or LD.

Learning Disabilities can range from mild, moderate to severe in intensity. People can have more than one learning disability. Inconsistent performance is hallmark of Learning Disabilities.

Types of Learning Disorder-

I. Dyslexia-

  • Area of difficulty is Processing language
  • Symptoms include trouble with Reading, Writing and Spelling
  • Child confuses letter, names and sounds, etc. Rate of reading is slow with trouble in remembering things


definition of learning disorders
  • Area of difficulty is Math skills and Computation
  • Symptoms include trouble with remembering math facts, concepts of time and money
  • Child experience difficulty in learning to count and calculate


  • Area of difficulty is Written expression
  • Symptoms include trouble with Handwriting, Spelling, Composition etc
  • Child has usually illegible handwriting and difficulty in organizing ideas for writing


  • Area of difficulty is Fine motor skills
  • Symptoms include trouble with Coordination
  • There is trouble with scissors, buttoning shirts, drawing etc

Reading disability- It causes great harm to child’s potential in school performances. His performance is below expectation. He can experience slow, inaccurate reading, inability to understand words, inability to copy properly. This hurts his self esteem and he starts avoiding reading and writing altogether.

Writing Disability- Here child finds great difficulty in writing skills. He makes too many silly mistakes. Grammar and punctuation seems like demons. This results in frustration and anger in kids. Gradually they shy away from school. Slowly this can result in depression in child.

Mathematics Disability- Performance in maths and calculation is poor as compared to peers of same age group. Numbers and figures are difficult to recognise. Even basic addition, subtraction is tough for the kid.

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