• Learning Disabilities Causes


Exact causes of learning Disabilities are not known but some factors are linked with Learning Disorder.

  • Heredity – It seems Learning disabilities has strong genetic connection and often run in the families.
  • Difficult pregnancy and birth – Learning disabilities can be due to complications in development of brain in womb, illness or injury of mother during pregnancy, foetal exposure to alcohol or drugs. This can also be result of low birth weight babies or who had not received proper oxygen immediately after birth due to premature or prolonged labor or asphyxia. This is one of the leading causes of learning Disabilities.
  • Faulty brain development- It is also assumed that Learning Disorder is linked with defective brain development before and after birth.
  • Injuries after and during birth – Learning disabilities can also be caused by head injuries, malnutrition, etc. This is one of the important causes of learning Disabilities.
  • Environmental factors- Sometimes infants are affected by poisons or pesticides like lead. For example by lead paint or lead water pipe is sometimes thought to contribute to learning disabilities. Poor nutrition early in life also may lead to learning disabilities in later life. If mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy it can affect child. These are main causes of learning Disabilities.
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