• Dandruff Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic Treatment of Dandruff
  • Homeopathy is very accomplished in managing the symptoms of Dandruff with its constitutional approach and vast range of medicines.
  • The medicines prescribed act in such a way as to alleviate the symptoms as well as prevent relapse of the condition. Since Dandruff occurs because of rapid turnover of cells, suppressing it is no solution.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Dandruff provides complete holistic wellbeing to the patient by boosting the immune system and assisting recovery in the safest and most natural way.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Dandruff is natural, safe and without any side-effects. It is a patient-oriented science and medicines are prescribed on the characteristics of the individual rather than just the symptoms of the disease.

Few of our amazing remedies in homeopathic treatment for Dandruff include:

  • Sanicula: Very usefuls remedy for dandruff which is scaly and profuse. Suitable for patients who have dread of downward motion. There is associated profuse sweat at back of head & nape of neck during sleep. Patient's thirst is less.
  • Badiaga: One of the leading remedies for Dandruff with extremely dry and sore scalp. There is sensation of enlargement and fullness. Thirst is increased.
  • Phosphorus: Great remedy for Dandruff with itching of scalp. Hair falls out in large bunches. Suits well to tall, slender, narrow chested with clear skin individuals.
  • Kali Sulphuricum: Excellent remedy in Dandruff with associated baldness. Baldness in spots is treated well by this remedy. Flakes are yellow in colour. Also good for associated ringworm of scalp or beard with abundant scales.

  • Have a look at some of the remedies used in homeopathic treatment of Dandruff. The treatment given by our Experts is highly specific for the individual we treat and not limited to 2 or 3 drugs. Homeopathic treatment for Dandruff offers a minimum of 100 remedies effective against the condition.

DANDRUFF: 1Aego-p, 1All-s, 1Alum, 3Am-m, 1Arg-s, 1Arist-cl, 3Ars, 1Ars-br, 1Asim, 1Bad, 3Bar-c, 1Bros-g, 3Bry, 1Bufo, 3Calc, 1Calc-p, 3Calc-s, 1Calop-s, 4CANTH, 4CARBN-S, 1Caul, 1Chin-s, 1Choc, 1Citl-l, 1Coch, 1Coco-n, 3Crot-h, 1Cygn-c, 3Dulc, 1Dys-co, 2Eryth, 1Fl-ac, 1Frax, 1Germ, 1Granit-m, 4GRAPH, 1Helod-c, 1Hep, 1Hera, 3Hydr, 1Hydrog, 1Ictod, 1Iod, 3Kali-br, 3Kali-c, 1Kali-chl, 3Kali-m, 1Kali-p, 4KALI-S, 1Kola, 1Kreos, 1Lac-c, 1Lac-drom, 1Lach, 1Latex, 3Lyc, 3Mag-c, 1Mag-p, 1Maland, 3Med, 1Merc, 3Mez, 2Musc-d, 1Nat-glt, 4NAT-M, 1Ol-j, 3Olnd, 1Onc-t, 4PHOS, 1Por-m, 1Posit, 1Propol, 3Psor, 1Pyrus-c, 1Rad-br, 1Sanic, 1Saroth, 3Sep, 1Ser-ang, 1Sil, 1Stann, 3Staph, 1Sul-i, 4SULPH, 1Term-c, 4THUJ, 1Toxop-p, 1Tub, 1Ulm, 1Ulm-c, 1Uran, 3Urt-u, 1Verat

DANDRUFF: Itching: 1Latex, 3Med, 1Posit, 1Ser-ang

DANDRUFF: White: 1Alum, 1Ars, 1Choc, 3Kali-m, 1Kola, 1Merc, 3Mez, 4NAT-M, 1Olnd, 3Phos, 1Sulph, 4THUJ, 1Toxop-p, 1Ulm, 1Ulm-c

DANDRUFF: Yellow: 1Calc, 4KALI-S

The remedy abbreviations with

  • 4 marks- most effective,
  • 3 marks- quite effective,
  • 2 marks- less effective,
  • 1 mark- least effective.