• Dandruff Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 My daughter is 10 years old. She does not like to wash her hair much. Her head is always full of dust due to her outdoor sports? Can this cause Dandruff?

    Yes, Dirty scalp can accumulate dirt with dead cells. These dead cells may result in thick crust of dead cells on her scalp resulting in Dandruff. It is very important to clean scalp regularly. Try to teach her importance of hair hygiene. Due to extreme outdoor activities it is recommended that she washes her hair every day with mild and gentle shampoos. Be sure to rinse off all shampoo from her hair. Ask her not to put oil if she is going outdoors since it may result in accumulation of oil on her scalp. Keep hair and scalp clean to avoid accumulation of dead cells.

  • 2 How to take care of the scalp to prevent Dandruff?

    Taking care of your scalp is very important to prevent Dandruff, hair loss and many other hair problems. Because prevention is itself half cure, start taking care of your scalp now. Following methods can be used-

    • If you have oily and greasy hair, then wash them with good Shampoo often to remove the excess oil. Comb your hair with soft brush to remove the flakes and improve scalp circulation.
    • Use mild shampoos for washing your hair because harsh chemicals may deprive oil from your scalp. Be sure to rinse off all shampoo.
    • Do not oil your scalp when out door to prevent sticking of dust and dirt particles to your hair.
    • Keep hair and scalp clean to avoid accumulation of dead cells.
    • Hair should be combed daily to improve circulation.
    • Avoid harmful cosmetic hair products like Hair sprays, styling gels, etc.
    • Eat well-balanced diet.
    • Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruit etc.
    • Avoid excess salt, sugar, and alcohol.

  • 3 Does dry or oily scalp cause Dandruff?

    Directly the scalp condition is not a cause of Dandruff but yes they can certainly aggravate existing Dandruff. Excessive oily scalp may result in accumulation of dead cells and formation of big clumps of flakes which are greasy in nature. Dry skin is also commonly associated cause of dandruff which is flaking in nature. Here flakes are smaller and dry in nature. Though certain studies show that dry skin is not cause but instead it aggravates the Dandruff.

    So do not delay. Get Homeopathic treatment at the earliest, which has tremendous success rate in Dandruff cases. It prevents all complications. Also it will help to tackle associate hair loss if any.

  • 4 How long I have to take Homeopathic treatment?

    Dandruff is not a superficial disease. It is a chronic disorder with deep underlying pathology. It usually gets better soon. But long lasting and recurrent Dandruff may require longer treatment. But yes with Homeopathy it will not last get suppressed and will get treated from its root. Homeopathy which is considered as best medical science for Dandruff treatment will make sure that not only it gets completely eliminated but also never recur. Homeopathic treatment may take 7-8 months of time in persistent Dandruff. However complete dedication and sincerity is hallmark of treatment. The prognosis of Dandruff may vary from case to case.

  • 5 What is Seborrhoea Dermatitis?

    Seborrhoea Dermatitis is a form of skin inflammation characterized by extreme redness and itchiness. It is related to sebaceous gland that is oil or sebum secreting gland. Seborrhoeic dermatitis can be present in skin folds, nose, eyebrows, scalp etc. Some people consider seborrhoea dermatitis as extreme form of dandruff. It is also referred as other name for Dandruff. When it is limited only to scalp it is called Dandruff. Seborrhoeic dermatitis is aggravated by season, stress, poor immunity etc. It can cause red, flaky, greasy patches of skin.

  • 6 Is Dandruff more common in males? If yes, why?

    Yes, Dandruff is more common in males. It is seen that more males with or without associated baldness are affected by Dandruff. Exact causes are unknown. But it is believed that male hormone testosterone plays a significant role in Dandruff affecting males. It is even more common in males with dandruff history in family. But Homeopathy can naturally correct all disorder and will help YOU to get rid of this Dandruff.

  • 7 How is dandruff diagnosed?

    Dandruff flakes are easily visible and noticeable to everyone. Physician can easily diagnose it. If any fungal infection is suspected then a skin sample may be sent to laboratory for examination. Certain blood tests may be required in extreme cases to determine general health conditions like complete blood count, blood glucose, etc.

  • 8 What is the recommended diet for dandruff?

    There is no direct link of diet with Dandruff. Yet below mentioned diet is recommended for dandruff condition-

    • Eat more green vegetables and fruits. These will provide ample vitamins and nutrients necessary for your scalp health.
    • Consume more food items containing Vitamin B6, folate, B12, and biotin.
    • Include fish in your diet if you are non vegetarian to get good amount of omega 3 fatty acids.
    • Take food containing Lactobacillus acidophilus found in supplements or yogurts for reduction of yeast formation in body.
    • Include foods items like spinach, pumpkin, nuts, chocolate, beans, mushroom, chicken which contains Zinc and Selenium.

  • 9 How to prevent Dandruff?

    Certain measures are very helpful to prevent the Dandruff-

    • Use a good anti dandruff shampoo. Leave the shampoo for atleast 5 five minutes on your scalp before rinsing. Be gentle while shampooing.
    • Clean your scalp regularly with a gentle shampoo. Washing your hair atleast twice a week or every alternate day if you have dandruff is very much necessary.
    • Do not scratch your head.
    • Avoid wearing cap always as it will prevent sun to reach scalp and will promote yeast which causes dandruff.
    • Do not expose your hair to excessive heat.
    • Avoid stress and indulge in balanced diet and regular exercise for good immunity.

  • 10 Which Homeopathic medicines are generally used to treat dandruff?

    Homeopathy, today, is considered the best method of treatment available for Dandruff, because it takes into consideration not just the symptoms but also the factors causing the Dandruff, which is always unique to every individual. Perfectly chosen homeopathic medicines can help to treat dandruff. We have numerous remedies which are differentiated based on their different striking symptoms and individualizations. Homeopathic medicines are well proved on human beings. They are side effect free and natural. Doses are minute and suit the individual susceptibility. They do not cause any side effect when properly administered under guidance of expert physician. There are more than 100 remedies for DANDRUFF in our treasury of medicines. Few of our amazing remedies include Sulphur, Graphites, Kali Sulphuricum, Alumina, Badiaga, Sanicula, Phosphorus etc.

  • 11 How will Homeopathy help me deal with dandruff?

    Homeopathy is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest possible way. Unlike conventional medicine there is no use of steroids. It treats the patient and not merely the disease. Homeopathy is side effect free and holistic mode of treatment for Dandruff. Homeopathy can treat dandruff efficiently. It can achieve spectacular triumph over dandruff. Homeopathy will regress it and treats it from the roots.

    Since Dandruff occurs because of rapid turnover of cells, suppressing it; is no solution. Hence Homeopathy does not remove these flakes only but it boosts your immune system for permanent solution. It corrects internal cause by constitutional approach. Homeopathy believes that all external manifestation of a disease is due to internal disturbances within the body. So it believes in eliminating root cause and not merely suppresses it.Homeopathy has given astonishing results to many people with dandruff.