• Behavioural Disorders Home Remedies

Home Remedies


  • Talk to your child gently and let him or her know that his or her behaviour is inappropriate.
  • During aggression outburst, isolate your kid for a short time (time out strategy). This will help him to cool down. But be careful to keep child in a harmless area.
  • Focus on quality parenting of your kids
  • Give clear but reasonable instruction to your child
  • Encourage your child to engage in good behaviour. Praise him for the same.
  • Reward your kid for good behaviour sometimes, without making it a compulsory habit.
  • If any behaviour of your child is disagreeable then ignore it, your child may stop doing that.
  • Give your child quality time daily. Spend weekends or vacations together


  • Do not repeatedly discuss your child's bad behaviour with him or her.
  • Avoid being too harsh or too relaxed with your kid
  • Avoid ego or power struggles with your kid
  • Never criticize your child in front of others
  • Never label your child as 'bad' instead explain him that his behaviour was bad
  • Do not always order your kid, sometimes in some situations let him take control
  • Avoid setting any targets or activities which are not age appropriate for your kid
  • If your child argues with you, do not argue back, instead solve his problem
  • Do not punish your kids especially physical punishment, it will make them more revengeful
  • Never neglect your affected child
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