• Behavioural Disorders Causes


Exact causes of Behavioural Disorders are not known. Few of the causes established by researchers which may cause behavioural disorders are as follows:

  • Genetics: Some neurobiological changes in body affect functioning of brain.
  • Chronic illness: Child suffering with prolonged physical illness or any disability
  • Damage to brain: Injury to brain during difficult labour or other accidental injury later in life
  • Way of Upbringing: Lack of proper parental supervision, discipline, child abuse or child neglect
  • Emotional factor: Child who has witnessed parental separation or divorce or constant fights between parents. Those kids whose parents are addicted to any substance (substance abuse) can also develop BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS.
  • Others: Malnutrition, protein deficiency, lead poisoning, use of alcohol or nicotine by mother during pregnancy.
  • Smoking: Many studies indicate that if children are exposed to passive smoking early in life, then it could lead to Behavioural Disorders.
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