• Behavioural Disorders Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Following foods are of help in BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS-

  • Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein rich diet.
  • Consider fresh, homemade and organic foods for kids.
  • Eat balanced meals, which must include daily portions of vegetables and fruits.
  • Fresh green vegetables help to keep mind calm. Try interesting colourful recipes for kids to make them eat green vegetables.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are also beneficial. Include oily fishes (salmon, mackerel) in diet.
  • Lack of Iron and Zinc are also likely to affect behaviour. Eat more of iron fortified cereals, green vegetables, dairy foods.
  • Always stress on having a wholesome breakfast. Skipping breakfast lowers the energy level and trigger bad mood.
  • Fruits like bananas have calming effect on mind.
  • Make sure they have good breakfast which can include whole grains, milk, fresh fruits.
  • Drink sufficient quantity of water daily.


  • Avoid foods containing additives, artificial colours, preservatives, MSG (Mono sodium Glutamate), frozen meals.
  • Certain studies indicate that excess consumption of soy and soy products can cause behavioural disorders in kid, though this is not fully proved.
  • Avoid ready to eat foods, packaged or frozen foods, candies, lollies, sweeteners.
  • Avoid excess of junk foods in kid's diet.
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