• Acne Rosacea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What is the recommended diet for Acne Rosacea?

    Below mentioned diet is recommended for Acne Rosacea :

    • A deficiency of B-complex vitamins may lead to Acne Rosacea.
    • Antioxidant properties of Vitamin E can help prevent skin damage. Vitamin E-rich foods include spinach, olive oil, broccoli, pumpkin, nuts, shrimp, fish, etc.
    • Dairy and animal products needs to be avoided as they are acidic in nature and linked to flare up Acne Rosacea.
    • Consume more of dark green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, and spinach as they contain high levels of vitamins A and C and they increase capillary strength and boost the immune system.
    • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid deficiencies can lead to dry, irritated skin, which can worsen the Acne Rosacea.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids are found in flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, and herring.
    • Foods rich in Omega-6 fatty acids include cereals, eggs, poultry, most vegetable oils, whole-grain breads and dried nuts.
    • Apple juice and dark grape juice taken at room temperature between meals can be helpful.

  • 2 How should I care for my skin with Acne Rosacea?

    You can follow few facial routines such as:

    • Use mild soap that is not grainy or harsh on your skin.
    • Over washing of face must be avoided as it can irritate and increase your Acne Rosacea.
    • Always apply sunscreen when stepping outdoors.
    • Use moisturizers containing Vitamin E and apply it gently.
    • Do not use too much of cosmetics.

  • 3 I have been diagnosed with Acne Rosacea two years back. Can Acne Rosacea result in Cancer of skin in future?

    Do not worry! There is no direct evidence that Acne Rosacea will lead to cancer. However precaution is necessary if you have a family history of cancer.

    Take some precautionary measures such as:

    • Avoid direct sun exposure.
    • Always use sunscreen when outdoor even in cloudy weather.
    • If you have mole which changes in appearances or borders/colors, consult your doctor immediately.

  • 4 Is Acne Rosacea life threatening? Does it aggravate with age?

    No, they are embarrassing but not life threatening. Though, it can cause many complications.

    Yes, with age it may get aggravated especially if treatment is not received. The progression of the disease cannot be predicted.

  • 5 My friend has been diagnosed with Acne Vulgaris. Are Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea same? If not, can he get Acne Rosacea too?

    No, they are both different skin conditions affecting face and your friend can get Acne Rosacea too. Pustules and cysts are common in both. This may lead to misdiagnosis many times.

    Acne Vulgaris affects younger people while Acne Rosacea is common in age group 30-60 years. Acne Vulgaris is caused by clogging and inflammation of the skin's sebaceous and hair follicles. Acne Rosacea, on other hand, is caused due to dilatation of blood vessels of the face causing flushing.

    Blackheads are common in Acne Vulgaris but absent in Acne Rosacea. Your physician with detail history will differentiate both conditions.

  • 6 If I have Acne Rosacea running in my family, how can I prevent it?

    There is no way to prevent Acne Rosacea from developing. Though you can try certain measures :

    • Mild soaps and cleansers should be used. Skin irritants, astringents and alcohol should be avoided.
    • Know your own trigger factors of flushing and modify diet and environment accordingly.
    • The trigger factors vary from person to person and it usually takes some trials and errors to figure these out.
    • Limiting exposure of the face and protection from excesses of heat and cold. A sunscreen with a skin protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater is a must and limits the damage of skin and small blood vessels.

  • 7 How does exercise increase my Acne Rosacea?

    Strenuous exercise causes overheating and flushing of the face and increases your Acne Rosacea. Start exercising when the weather outside is cool as in early morning and late evening. Prefer taking breaks between exercises. Do not overstrain yourself.

  • 8 How will Homeopathy help me dealing with Acne Rosacea?

    Homeopathy can treat Acne Rosacea efficiently. It can achieve spectacular triumph over Acne Rosacea. Homeopathy takes care of all the symptoms naturally and sets the clock for the healing process from within.

    HOMEOPATHY is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest possible way. It treats the patient and not merely the disease.

    All your external skin conditions are due to internal disturbances of the body.

    Homeopathy eliminates the root cause of your disease and not merely suppresses it. It will reduces the redness, new acne formation and recurrence.

    Also it makes sure that your immunity is strengthened in a way that the disease cannot recur again. Moreover, none of the medicines cause any unwanted side effects.

    HOMEOPATHY- the safer and holistic way to Heal from within. Live the motto "Health is Wealth" by taking first step towards recovery.

  • 9 What kind of treatment is generally given for Acne Rosacea?

    • Conventional method of treatment generally focuses on Antibiotics. It treats all sorts of papules and pustules.
    • Laser therapy is done to destroy the tiny blood vessels without damaging the nearby tissue.
    • Reconstructive surgery or laser therapy is the treatment done for impairments of the nose.
    • For eyes, lubricating eye drops are prescribed to reduce gritty sensation and maintain hygiene.

    Moreover, Modern medicine focuses on Suppressions of Acne which often come back. These treatments come with their own complications and side effects. Most of the times, their adverse effects will be more than their benefits. Homeopathy is a natural medical science, much safer and effective.

  • 10 How will my doctor confirm the diagnosis of Acne Rosacea?

    Your doctor or a dermatologist can diagnose Acne Rosacea based on the location and appearance of the symptoms of typical red or blushed facial skin appearance.

    There are no specific investigations or diagnostic tests for Acne Rosacea. The doctor rely on medical history to confirm the diagnosis.

  • 11 Can Acne Rosacea affect me psychologically?

    Yes. Acne Rosacea is a long-lasting skin disease. Suffering from Acne Rosacea can cause:

    • Frustration and Embarrassment when meeting people and avoid social participation.
    • You may be in state of worry that your acne may worsen and lead to unsightly scars.
    • You may have low self-confidence and low self-esteem.
    • Anxiety and depression can cause many day offs from work.

    Do not let Acne Rosacea control your life!

    Consult with our well-experienced Homeopaths now! Live Your Life with your own rules & Don't let the Disease to Rule!