• Acne Rosacea Causes


Acne Rosacea is a disorder where the blood vessels become damaged when repeatedly dilated by stimuli.

A survey by the National Rosacea Society of 1,066 Rosacea patients showed which factors affect most of the people and can be possible causes of Rosacea.

Factors Percent Affected
Sun exposure 81%
Emotional stress 79%
Hot weather 75%
Wind 57%
Heavy exercise 56%
Alcohol consumption 52%
Hot baths 51%
Cold weather 46%
Spicy foods 45%
Humidity 44%
Indoor heat 41%
Certain skin-care products 41%
Heated beverages 36%
Certain cosmetics 27%
Medications 15%
Medical conditions 15%
Certain fruits 13%
Marinated meats 10%
Certain vegetables 9%
Dairy products 8%

This may also explain the improvement in symptoms experienced by some patients when given a reduced carbohydrate diet. Such a diet would restrict the growth of microorganisms thought to be causes of Rosacea.