• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions
Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD)
  • Constant intrusive thoughts of defective appearance of one's own body are present.
  • These can range from a feeling that one has a crooked nose or defective smile to distorted figure/physique, although the pervasive flaw may not exist altogether.
Trichotillomania (Compulsive hair pulling)
  • There is compulsive strong urge to pull one's own hair and eat it.
  • Considerable loss of hair can lead to balding. Intestines, on MRI or CT Scan show accumulation of hair.
Tic Disorders
  • These are spasmodic muscle movements like tics and twitches, more common in children.
  • They are more common in eyelids and face.
Impulse Control Disorder
  • It is a psychiatric condition in which the patient cannot resist any impulse or urge, even if it means harming oneself or others.
  • Aggressive responses that are out of proportion to the situation, urge to deliberately start fires or steal something come, under this umbrella term.
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