• Premenstrual Syndrome Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests

There is no particular test or diagnosis to establish Premenstrual Syndrome.

  • History Taking: A doctor will note down all symptoms in detail including emotionally related symptoms.
  • Track Your Cycle: Your physician will ask you to maintain a diary of your menstrual history day by day. All symptoms should be entered day wise starting from day 1 i.e. 1st day of period till onset of next periods. Writing down when you experienced certain distressing symptoms will enable the doctor to diagnose PMS and decide on the best way to manage it.
  • Family Role: The immediate family is asked to maintain a diary of the patient's mood changes, frustration levels, anger, etc.
  • Thyroid tests: Since thyroid-related diseases are very common in child bearing age and symptoms are also more or less similar to PMS, a Thyroid Function Test helps to determine the cause of the symptoms.
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