• Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Quick Look

  • Bloating
  • Moodswings
  • Heaviness in breasts
  • Irritability, depression, weeping and oversensitivity
  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Change in appetite and unusual food cravings


  • Moodswings are among the most evident symptoms of PMS. People or family members around the patient may even dread "that time of the month."
  • Patient may be happy or ecstatic about something, and then all of a sudden, she may turn violent, irritable or cranky.
  • She might yell at her husband and shout at children. She may nag, be demanding, and behave unreasonably.
  • She may feel frustrated and impatient at work. There is inability to concentrate on any task.
  • She may not want to socialize, and prefer to stay aloof.
  • Moodswings, fortunately reduce after a few days or once the periods start.


  • There is fullness of the body and a feeling of heaviness in latter half of the cycle.
  • Weight gain due to fluid retention is seen apart from usual symptoms of PMS.


  • Patient may experience pain and tenderness in the breast along with other symptoms of PMS.


  • Cravings are also very common in women suffering from PMS.
  • This happens due to a drop in the level of the neurotransmitter, Serotonin.
  • for the PMS-stricken woman instinctively craves sweets, sugary foods like candies, cookies and cakes as they naturally tend to raise serotonin levels.
  • Patients may also tend to indulge in bouts of overeating.