• Pica Home Remedies

Home Remedies


  • Discuss the problem with your family very honestly.
  • Consult your doctor for diagnosing any underlying cause and further management of the condition.
  • Try to figure out the triggering factors and assess how to avoid those.
  • Keep a record of the changes in your particular desires.
  • Follow the nutritional advice properly since nutrition has an immense part in the management of Pica behaviours.


  • Don't hide any such abnormal craving. Seek professional help soon-sooner the better.
  • Don't make yourself believe that the strange desires are 'normal' or 'nothing much'.
  • Don't let these become pleasurable habits because sooner or later they will prove to be dangerous. In any case, it's only wastage of your money and energy at the cost of your health.
  • Don't feel depressed or ashamed of such behaviour. Seek professional health with your doctor. Understand your problem well and seek advice for managing the disorder effectively.
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