• Oral Herpes Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Transmission is only through humans and no other agents are involved.

Some of the important risk factors for oral herpes are:

  • Contact with infected saliva
  • Kissing or other close physical contact with infected person
  • Cross-infection of type 1 and 2 viruses can occur from oral to genital contact
  • Exposure of health care providers (physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses) to oral secretions during medical or surgical procedures
  • Infection of mother's nipple while the infected baby breastfeeds
  • Inoculation or injection of virus into susceptible mucosal surface
  • Injuries or minor cuts help the virus to gain entry into skin
  • Nail biters or thumb suckers get herpetic whitlow (herpetic finger infection) through infected saliva
  • Skin-to-skin contact in heavy contact sports such as wrestlers and rugby players
  • Occasionally through sharing food and drinks, utensils, towels,underclothes, etc.

These are the main risk factors for oral herpes which contribute to the development of Herpes.