• Nephrotic Syndrome Complications


Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome are as follows:

  • Thromboembolism: Tendency to form blood clots easily, especially in renal veins. This happens due to loss of proteins which are responsible for prevention of clots in blood under normal conditions.
  • Increased susceptibility to infections due to loss of immunoglobulins, which are nothing but types of proteins useful in fighting infections. These proteins are lost in urine in increased numbers leading to high chances of acquiring infections.
  • Kidney failure: As kidneys lose their function to filter blood, it may lead to either Acute or Chronic Kidney Failure.
  • High blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides: Due to loss of albumin from kidneys, liver starts synthesizing more albumin for compensation. Meanwhile, the function of liver to produce cholesterol and triglycerides is also exaggerated causing increased lipid levels.
  • High blood pressure: Due to excess built up of waste products, blood pressure is elevated.
  • Generalized anasarca: Edema can involve the entire body called anasarca, it can involve coverings of the lungs causing pleural edema or covering of the abdomen causing ascites.
  • Malnutrition: Loss of proteins can lead to faulty nutrition status in the suffering person.