• High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Preventions

Prevention of High Blood Pressure

If you fall under the category of pre-hypertension, lifestyle changes can bring your Blood Pressure down within the normal range. Medicines are rarely used for pre-hypertension.

You can do many things to help control your blood pressure at home:

  • Water: Drink plenty of water to make sure that you are well-hydrated and that the toxins of your body are eliminated.
  • Exercise: Go for a brisk walk, indulge in aerobics, basically be more active. Even 30 minutes a day of exercise can help tremendously.
  • Beware of your habits: If you are a smoker, stop smoking NOW! The longer you smoke, the higher are the chances of heart disease. Limit your intake of alcohol too.
  • Don't go for the extra pinch: Limit your intake of salt to less than 1.5 gm in a day.
  • De-stress: Go for Yoga or meditation to relax and de-stress yourself. Take situations in your stride rather than buckle under tension.
  • Weight: Maintain a healthy body weight as per your height.
  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly: Invest in a portable, electronic blood pressure monitoring device. Regular checks will act as a guide for you to steer your way to health.