• Female Infertility Definition

female infertility definition

In female infertility female is in not able to get pregnant in spite of having regular unprotected intercourse for a period of one year.

Regular intercourse, every alternate day, improves your chance of conception. Clinically, one year of unprotected intercourse is advised before infertility can be declared, in absence of some known causes of infertility. However, if the age of women is more than 35 years, then time reduces to six months, before investigations are started.

With increasing age, fertility of women diminishes. Statistics show that cases of both male and female infertility have been on the rise since a couple of decades. Infertility becomes a real frustrating problem for couples trying to conceive and the whole process involves a series of investigations, treatments . Homeopathy gives plausible results in female infertility cases and many couples have been blessed with babies with the help of this holistic science.

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