• Endometriosis Definition

Definition of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is defined as abnormal presence or growth of endometrial tissue in places outside the uterine cavity.

Locations in the body where Endometriosis is seen:

  • Ovaries (commonest location)
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Back and front of uterus
  • Anterior Cul de sac (sac or pouch present between urinary bladder and uterus)
  • Posterior Cul de sac (sac or pouch present between uterus and rectum)
  • Uterine ligaments
  • Intestines (rectum and sigmoid colon specially)
  • Urinary bladder and ureter
  • Vagina and cervix
  • On past operation scars
  • Skin
  • Diaphragm (rare)
  • Lungs and central nervous system (very rare).

Endometriosis usually affects pelvic organs, though the abnormal cells can also travel via blood or lymphatic system to distant areas like bowels, skin, lungs, etc.

The condition can complicate commonly into subfertility or infertility, and so if you are experiencing severe symptoms or are unable to get pregnant due to it, do not delay. Seek treatment at the earliest!