• Eczema Complications

Eczema Complications 1
Eczema Complications 2
  • Neurodermatitis: It is a condition where the skin becomes thick and leathery due to prolonged itching. This condition is also called as lichen simplex chronicus.
  • Impetigo: It is an infection of the skin that occurs because of invasion with a type of bacteria called Staphylococci.
  • Impetiginization: Skin can break up and cause open wounds leading to various infections.
  • Eczema around the eye can cause watering of the eye, inflammation of eyelids, and if ignored, even permanent damage to the eye
  • Psychological consequences: All said, your skin's health enhances your appearance and appeal. Eczema can mar one's confidence and morale, so much so that depression can set in.