• Conjunctivitis Treatment


The recommended treatment for Conjunctivitis will depend on whether it is caused by infection, an allergic reaction or any irritant.

  • Usually lubricant eye drops can be used to soothe eyes.
  • Gently cleaning eyes with sterile cotton wool.
  • Washing hands regularly to stop infection from spreading to other people.

Other supportive measures that can be adopted in treatment for Conjunctivitis to hasten recovery include:

  • Cold and warm water compress: They can be applied on the outer surface of eyelids to reduce infection.
  • Black tea can also be included in the eye compress. It contains tannic acid, which helps to reduce itching.
  • Honey can be used, because it has antibacterial properties. To use honey, dilute a few drops in warm water and gently apply to closed eyes with a dropper or by using a compress.