• Bronchitis Treatment


The main goal of treatment for Bronchitis is the alleviation of symptoms. In case of Acute Bronchitis, treatment is primarily supportive and for the Chronic type, avoidance of environmental irritants is of the highest importance.

Conventional practitioners routinely prescribe the use of mucolytic drugs to liquefy and help to remove the sputum. This, in its way, helps to clear the airways and prevent further infection. But, what about the infection already present?

The other treatment for Bronchitis commonly used in conventional medicine is the prescription of various cough syrups. These are not advisable for the simple reason that cough is a natural defense mechanism of the body, and if this mechanism is pushed down, how can sputum be coughed up in the first place?

With the advent of antibiotics, physicians are now administering various generations of the medicine on a daily basis. Effect of these medicines is temporary, but they cause innumerable side effects like nausea, vomiting, acidity and indigestion. Moreover, they do not cater to the root of the disease.

Homeopathy on the other hand, manages the treatment for Bronchitis in a wholesome and trouble-free manner. It takes care of the infection, cough and other symptoms along with boosting the patient's immunity so that relapses and recurrences are minimized.

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