• Bronchitis Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosis and Tests
  • Bronchitis diagnosis is based on information about medical history of the patient, recent history of cold or flu, exposure to smoke or other lung irritants such as air pollution, dust or fumes.
  • In some cases, the physician will use his stethoscope to examine the chest for abnormal breathing sounds.
  • Blood test would indicate inflammation by a raised white cell count and elevated C-reactive protein.
  • Sputum Examination: Examination of sputum is important for finding out the offending microbe.
  • Test for blood oxygen levels using a sensor attached to a finger or toe. This is not routinely performed, unless the patient comes in with acute breathlessness or blueness of the lips.
  • Chest X-Ray- is important in Bronchitis diagnosis to rule out other conditions affecting the lungs like Pneumonia and Emphysema.