• Bronchitis Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic Treatment for Bronchitis
  • Homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis, the most efficient therapy is very successful in treating all the symptoms of both, acute and chronic types, and plays a significant role in preventing further complications and reoccurrences as well.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis does not treat the disease itself, but is prescribed on the basis of physical, emotional and genetic makeup of an individual.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis will clear up the infection, relieve the discomfort of chest and clear the airways making it easier for the elimination of secretions.
  • In acute stage of disease, homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis helps by relieving the patient from dry, irritating cough with acute medicines, thereby reducing the frequency and severity of diseases. Its constitutional approach will boost the immune system of the body hence preventing its recurring infections.
Few of our amazing remedies in homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis include:

Antimonium tartaricum- For suffocating spasmodic cough with a loud rattle in the chest with thick, green mucus that is difficult to expectorate. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and larynx. Cough and dyspnoea better lying on right side.

Bryonia- It is suited for stitching tearing pain in chest with dry cough worse at night and after eating or drinking. Cough, with feeling as if chest would fly to pieces with difficult, quick respiration; worse by every movement.

Dulcamara- Indicated in homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis, with excessive secretion of mucus worse in cold, wet weather, and tickling in larynx.

Kali carbonicum- Indicated in cases of dry, hard cough at 3 a.m., with stitching pains in chest. Whole chest feels very sensitive with scanty tenacious expectoration.

We have different symptoms in homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis with many remedies with varying intensity such as

INFLAMMATION:-Bronchial tubes (Bronchitis):- 2Acet-ac, 2Acon, 3Aesc , 2All-c, 2Alum, 2Alumn, 1Am-c, 2Am-m, 2Ant-c, 3Ant-t , 2Apis, 2Arn, 3Ars, 1Ars-i, 2Asc-t, 2Aur-m, 1Bar-c, 3Bar-m, 2Bell, 2Benz-ac, 3Bry , 2Cact, 2Calc, 2Camph, 2Cann-s, 2Carb-v, 2Carbn-s, 1Card-m, 2Caust, 2Cham, 2Chel, 1Chlol, 1Chlor, 2Cina, 2Cist, 2Coc-c, 1Cop, 1Dig, 3Dros, 2Dulc , 1Euphr, 2Ferr-i, 3Ferr-p, 2Gels, 2Guai , 3Hep, 2Hippoz, 2Hyos, 2Iod, 3Ip , 1Kali-ar, 2Kali-bi, 2Kali-c, 2Kali-chl, 1Kali-p, 2Kreos, 2Lach, 2Lob, 3Lyc , 2Merc, 2Naja, 2Nat-m, 3Nat-s, 2Nit-ac, 2Nux-v, 2Ph-ac , 3Phos, 2Plb, 2Psor, 3Puls , 2Rhus-t, 2Rumx, 3Sang, 3Senec , 2Seneg, 2Sep, 3Sil, 3Spong , 2Squil, 3Stann, 2Sulph, 2Ter , 1Uran, 2Verat, 1Verb

DUST, AS FROM, COUGH: 2Alumn, 2Am-c, 3Ars, 2Bell, 2Brom, 2Calc, 2Chin, 2Coc-c , 3Dros, 2Hep, 2Ign, 2Ip, 3Lyc, 3Puls, 3Sulph

COUGH, BARKING: 4ACON, 1Aur-m, 1Kali-bi, 1Lyc, 3Sin-n , 1Stann, 1Stict, 1Verat

The remedy abbreviations with

  • 4 marks- most effective,
  • 3 marks- quite effective,
  • 2 marks- less effective,
  • 1 mark- least effective.