• ADHD Preventions

  • Care of the baby: Good pre-delivery and post-delivery care of the baby is essential for overall physical and mental health of the child. This includes counseling the parents on the adverse effects of habit-forming substances and maintaining a healthy, happy environment in the home.
  • Healthy regimen: Nothing works better than a balanced diet and sufficient exercise for the child. Every child needs his fair share of nutritious food and play time.
  • Structured routine: If a relatively disciplined routine is created for the child, there are less chances for abnormal behavior. Having said that, a military discipline will be detrimental for optimum development of the child, and may even contribute negatively.
  • Finally, it's all about love: Children love and crave care, attention and affection, primarily from their parents. Many times, parents are not able to take out time to be with their children and this can have a negative effect on a child's psyche. Giving just half an hour of undivided quality time to your child goes a long way in developing a healthy person.
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