• ADHD Home Remedies

Home Remedies


Summary of ADHD
  • Counseling is a must to the patient and family of the ADHD children.
  • Behavioral therapy on a long term basis helps the patient to cope up with the environment.
  • Social skills' training teaches the patient to manage anger and impulsiveness.
  • Meditation and exercises help to enhance focus.
  • Sticking to a routine helps the child to develop discipline and order. See that the child goes to bed at the same time everyday and wakes up at the same time in the morning. Avoid computer games or watching TV an hour before sleep to calm the mind.


Summary of ADHD
  • Never be critical of the child's mistakes.
  • Never tell an ADHD-afflicted that he is "suffering from a disease". Instead, tell him that it is a different side of his personality.
  • Never make a big fuss about ADHD. It is completely manageable with the right treatment.
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