• ADHD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What role can a teacher play in managing kids with ADHD?

    Teachers are often the first to notice the symptoms of ADHD in a child.

    As a teacher you must be trained thoroughly about the disorder and its management.

    You can plan specific strategies to enhance the child's attention and to deal with impulsivity.

    Among the many few can be done:

    • Give students clear and precise instructions and make him/her to repeat them.
    • Encourage them to take notes.
    • Give short breaks between two lessons/class works.
    • Reward them with stars on their performance chart.

  • 2 Does my child need to take medications life-long for his ADHD? How will I know when to stop the Homeopathic treatment?

    No, he doesn't have to suffer his whole life.

    It is advisable not to stop medications on your own. Our homeopath will discuss about your child's progress and accordingly take a decision to stop the medications.

    Don't worry! Unlike conventional medicines, stopping Homeopathic medicines won't produce any adverse effects.

    But be persistent in continuing the treatment till ADHD leaves your child.

    A desire of every suffering human being is to get freedom from Disease- That's your child's right too!

  • 3 My 5 year old son is always restless, talks rapidly, and doesn't listen to me. He loves to eat burger, pizza and sugar candy. Can these junk foods increase his ADHD symptoms?

    Yes, they might worsen the symptoms.

    • Recent studies have showed that synthetic dyes, flavors, and preservatives found in many "junk" foods might contribute to hyperactivity.
    • Researchers have also speculated that eating too much sugar can alter the signals in your brain. Though there is no strong connection between sugars causing ADHD, it is good that you restrict the sugar intake for your child.
    • Avoid giving him foods containing artificial sweeteners, food dyes, preservatives, caffeine, ajinomoto and other refined foods.

  • 4 My daughter talks too much. She interrupts whenever some elder talks among themselves. She never sits at one place and jumps from sofa or bed. She doesn't even sit still when having her food, leading her to eat less. Is there any special diet for ADHD child?

    ADHD is a disorder when there is faulty connection between nerve cells that cause inattention.

    Researchers say that food that is good for the brain can lessen the symptoms of ADHD.

    • Give your child food high in protein such as cheese, eggs, meat, pulses and nuts.
    • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish, walnuts and milk.
    • Encourage her to eat vegetables like cauliflower, beets and fruits such as banana, orange which are rich in Vitamin B.

  • 5 My son has been taking conventional medicines for ADHD since 4 years. Does he need to discontinue these medicines if he starts with HOMEOPATHIC Treatment?

    No, he need not stop them all at once. These medicines have adverse side effects on abrupt stoppage as they are habit forming too. Along with Homeopathic medicines, the conventional medicines will be gradually reduced and then stopped over a period of time by the consulting Homeopath.

  • 6 What are the precautions should parents of a child with ADHD follow?

    Treatment for ADHD child begins at home. As parents you must take care of the following:

    • Never be critical of your child's mistakes.
    • Never tell an ADHD-afflicted that he is "suffering from a disease". Instead, tell him that it is a different side of his personality.
    • Your child need to hear that he/she is loved. Appreciate your child when he achieves something be it big or small.
    • Improve your child's self-esteem and confidence by engaging in the activities he/she loves.
    • Set a regular sleeping time.
    • Be calm when your child is out of control. Keep your child from becoming overtired. It may worsen ADHD symptoms.

  • 7 Which therapies can help my child apart from ADHD medicines?

    • Counseling must be given to a child with ADHD and the family too.
    • Behavioral therapy on a long term basis helps the child to cope up with the environment.
    • Social skills' training teaches the child to manage anger and impulsiveness.
    • Meditation and exercises help to enhance focus.

  • 8 Will there be any side-effects if I take conventional medicines for ADHD?

    Conventional medicines prescribed are stimulants. They have to be taken for relatively longer period of time and have few side effects such as:

    • The action of these medications lasts for a maximum of 8 hours.
    • Because their time of action is temporary, these medications need to be taken regularly, and this may cause habit-forming and dependence.
    • Stimulants only serve to reduce the symptoms, not cure them, since the cause of ADHD is not considered in conventional treatment for ADHD.
    • They do not cover the overall symptomatology of ADHD.
    • Stimulant medications are known to cause disturbing side effects like loss of appetite, nausea, indigestion, reduced stamina and tics among others.

  • 9 How can Homeopathy help my child with ADHD?

    Homeopathic treatment helps your child by enhancing the power of his mind and brain to heal and modify itself for recovery.

    Homeopathy focuses on the overall improvement of the child, and in turn, his external relationships so that he grows to become a healthy young adult.

    Homeopathy will treat your child as an individual. Our experts who have treated number of ADHD children will take a detailed history of your child's symptoms.

    We will ask details about your pregnancy & delivery, your child's early development and milestones, his behavior, academic performance, favorite activity/food, etc. and many other.

    Each child is special for their parent. Similarly there is specific homeopathic remedy suitable for your Childs' ADHD.

    No two children are same in their behavior and look. Hence there is no specific "ADHD medicine" for various children with this condition; unlike conventional medicines.

    With the Homeopathic treatment your child with ADHD can improve his ability to pay attention and control his/her behaviour.

    Visit our section of Cases, study them and then opt for treatment offered by Our physicians.

  • 10 My sons' school complains that he is very mischievous, doesn't sit on his place. He often fights with other children and doesn't finish his class work. They say he may have ADHD. Can it be true?

    It is good to remember not to be hurried while labelling a child as being ADHD-inflicted.

    Every child is to a certain extent hyperactive, impulsive and easily distracted.

    This does not confirm that he/she has ADHD.

    ADHD is diagnosed only if the symptoms are so severe that causes a marked hindrance in the daily routine of your child.

    To diagnose ADHD, your Childs' symptoms must appear before age of 12 and continue for at least six months. A Physician, Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, etc. can provide ADHD evaluation. It should never be self-diagnosed.

  • 11 What are the treatments for ADHD?

    For ADHD, one has to manage the patient from all aspects. This includes using the medications as well as behavioral modification therapies.

    Medication: Stimulant medications are advised in conventional method.

    Behavior Modification Treatment for ADHD:

    • Clinical Behavioral Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Intervention
    • Contingency Management

    Homeopathic Treatment For ADHD

    Homeopathic treatment for ADHD works wonders in the lives of the sufferer, and indirectly, for the people around him. It is not habit forming and child doesn't need to be dependent on it for long. There are many dynamized remedies which can be employed to treat ADHD effectively.

    Read more about these treatments by clicking on TREATMENTS FOR ADHD .