• Vitiligo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 I am on steroid medication for Vitiligo. Do I need to continue those if I take Homeopathic treatment?

    Since you are on steroids, it is not wise to stop them immediately. Initially with homeopathy you need to continue the steroids. Along with Homeopathy the dose of steroids will be tapered and then stopped eventually. Then you will be solely on homeopathic medicines giving you long lasting relief.

  • 2 How to take care of the skin in Vitiligo?

    To protect your skin in Vitiligo following precautions are necessary-

    • Do not use too much of cosmetics.
    • Do not use harsh soaps or cleansers.
    • Use Sunscreen of higher SPF specially when outside. Depigmented skin is very likely to get sunburns.
    • Use of moisturizers containing Vitamin E is helpful if you have dry skin.

  • 3 I have been diagnosed with vitiligo two years back. I am also a patient of high blood pressure and taking medicines to control my B.P. If I take homeopathic treatment can I continue my medicines?

    Yes. You can continue your anti hypertensive medicines. Homeopathic medicines are safe and do not interact with conventional medicines. So do not delay. Get Homeopathic treatment at the earliest.

  • 4 Will Vitiligo last forever? How long I have to take Homeopathic treatment?

    Vitiligo is not a short term or acute disease. It is a chronic disorder which progresses gradually. But with homeopathy it will get treated from its root. Homeopathy which is considered as best medical science for Vitiligo treatment will make sure it will not recur. Complete dedication and sincerity is hallmark of treatment. The prognosis of Vitiligo depends on duration, size of patches and your age.

  • 5 Is Vitiligo life threatening? Can it lead to skin Cancer?

    No, Vitiligo is not life threatening. But it can cause tremendous social embarrassment and thereby psychological impact on the patient. It does not result in skin cancer. Although people with Vitiligo are prone to sunburn; sunburn increases the risk of cancer. Hence take appropriate precautions to prevent sunburn by applying sunscreen lotions. Tackle your Vitiligo and increase your self-confidence. Get a personalized consultant from Welcome cure now!

  • 6 Can I pass Vitiligo to my children?

    Vitiligo may run in families. 30 percent of people with Vitiligo have a family member with the disease. But it does not guarantee that parents with Vitiligo would definitely pass the condition on to their children. There are few percent of Vitiligo people who has no family member with that condition.

  • 7 Is Vitiligo contagious?

    No, Vitiligo is not contagious. It does not spread by touching, sharing clothes, staying close with the person affected.

  • 8 How can we diagnose Vitiligo?

    Most of the cases are solely diagnosed by clinical examination. Your doctor after observing the patches and asking the details of its onset will confirm the diagnosis. Clinical examination also includes wood's lamp examination. Histopathology is done where your skin tissue is observed under microscope for the presence of melanocytes.

  • 9 Can diet play a role in reducing vitiligo?

    There is no direct link of diet with Vitiligo. Yet below mentioned diet is recommended: -

    • Avoid sour food, citrus fruits, lemons etc. if you observe that your symptoms are aggravated.
    • Stop eating sea food if you are allergic to them.
    • Avoid artificial food colors, preservatives etc.
    • Include Vitamin B12 and folic Acid rich food like green leafy vegetables, spinach, carrots, garlic, cabbage etc.

  • 10 How to prevent vitiligo?

    There is no way to prevent vitiligo from developing. If you fall under the high risk category you can try certain measures. Limiting exposure of the skin and protection from Sun exposure is crucial

    • Good balanced diet with enough supply of vitamins and minerals is helpful. A good immunity is essential to prevent Vitiligo.

    • Routine exercise will keep you healthy.
    • Engage in mind relaxation techniques which will keep stress at bay.
    • Avoid tattooing.

  • 11 Are all white patches confirms Vitiligo?

    No, there are many similar conditions that present with white patches/spots -

    • Pityriasis Alba
    • Calcium Deficiency
    • Tuberculoid leprosy
    • Postinflammatory hypopigmentation
    • Tinea versicolor

    Your doctor will confirm the diagnosis of Vitiligo by thorough clinical examination. To know more click Vitiligo Similar Conditions.

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