Conjunctivitis With A Basis In Previous Vaccination Relieved By Homeopathy
A young patient who was earlier treated successfully for Allergic Rhinitis was in near-panic when she consulted for Conjunctivitis. A definite link with previous vaccination established, we gave her the right homeopathic remedy and her eyes got back their healthy shine.
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Ms. A.V., 25 years old had been a patient with us and had been cured of Allergic Rhinitis of 2 years' standing with our treatment. She was doing very well and hadn't reported with even a minor attack of rhinitis.

Her life situation showed her to be a confident girl who loved being a leader in whatever she did and was very bright in her studies.

Then one day, she consulted us in near-panic. She had got herself vaccinated for Hepatitis B, and within 3 days had begun developing pain and redness in her eyes.

She complained that her eyelids would stick together at night and a gooey, yellow discharge would ooze out of them.

After studying her current predicament, we analyzed that there was a definite causative connection between the vaccination and her symptoms.

Taking this into consideration, a single dose of Thuja 200 was given to her.

Within 2 days, she reported saying that a lot of discharge had been coming out of her nostrils since the day after she took the medicine.

2 more days later, she wrote to us, relieved, that both, the nasal discharge and the redness in her eyes had diminished, and she was well once again.

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