Multiple Mollusca in a One Year-Old Child Successfully Managed With Homeopathy
The parents brought their hyperactive one year-old child with complaints of multiple mollusca all over the body. It was evident that, without treatment, the eruptions would go on increasing. Homeopathic treatment with us gave the healing touch to him.
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The parents brought the child, Master S. N. (1 year and 4 months old), with complaints of multiple tiny eruptions all over the body accompanied by severe itching.

The child, by nature, was very hyperactive and kept moving about the clinic all the time. He was a friendly child and would smile often.

His parents said he was comfortable and mixed well with other people.

However, he would not like to share his toys with others. If someone took his toys, he would get very angry.

He had intense fear of noise especially that of airplanes. The child would sometimes often wake up crying from sleep.

He had the habit of thumb sucking and a marked desire for sweets.

A deep look into his history revealed that he was an adopted child.

Based on his case history, we prescribed the remedy Medorrhinum 30 in a single dose.

He was first followed up after 2 weeks. The molluscum on the scalp had burst. The itching was less and the child was more comfortable than before.

Treatment was continued on similar lines and the child was seen again after 3 weeks. The molluscum on his scalp had healed by now and other lesions were drying up; there was no itching.

In the next 3 weeks, the Molluscum Contagiosum lesions had healed completely and the child was feeling much better in general.