A 34 year-old Engineer finds new hope with Homeopathy
Working in Mumbai did not bode well for this engineer who frequently developed violent colds. Timely homeopathic treatment by Welcome Cure came to his rescue and moulded his sensitivity to Mumbai’s climate
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This is an interesting case of a 34 year-old engineer with complaints of recurrent allergic rhinitis since 2 years. Originally from Hyderabad, he shifted to Mumbai 2 years ago and his complaints started at that time.

His attack would begin as soon as he woke up in the morning as spasmodic sneezing and lasted for 10 minutes followed by watery coryza. Allopathic medications gave him only temporary relief.

He said this "drama" would happen every 4 months and because of this, he was so frustrated and irritated that he had decided he would go back to his home town.

On inquiry, we evaluated that he was a short-tempered person and would easily react to trifles. He was so fastidious that his desk had to be spotless before he entered his cabin at office. If he saw even few dust particles on his desk, he would react very violently and shout loudly.

He was a perfectionist with a flair for organization and would accept any professional challenge whole-heartedly.

Based on a thorough evaluation of his complaints and life history, we prescribed the remedy Nux Vomica 200 and the patient was asked to report after 4-5 days.

The patient reported back with 50% relief of his symptoms. He was mainly relieved that the sneezing had come well under control and he could work properly. 6 months later, he was completely cured and he dropped his initial plan of leaving Mumbai.