• Tennis Elbow Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions

Cervical Radiculopathy:

  • This is a medical condition where there is dysfunction of the nerve root of cervical spine. In younger patients, it could be because of disc prolapse whereas degenerative changes are found in the older population.
  • The main symptoms are sudden onset of neck and arm discomfort. The pain radiates along the course of the nerve causing shoulder pain and pain in the arms and seldom elbows. An MRI scan may be useful for diagnosis.

Pronator Syndrome:

  • This is a condition where there is compression of a nerve called median nerve that passes along the arm through the elbows and to the wrist. It presents itself with elbow pain after participation in racquet or throwing games.
  • The pain is typically present on the front side of the elbow along with tingling and numbness. An EMG can be done to rule out nerve compression.
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