• Tennis Elbow


What is Tennis Elbow?

Summary of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition of the elbow caused by overuse of arm, forearm and muscles of the hand. Playing tennis or other racquet sports can cause this condition. However, despite its name, Tennis elbow can also occur in people who do not play tennis or any other sports. It may also be associated with work-related injuries.

Overuse causes damage to the areas of muscles and tendons on the outside of elbow. People who suffer from Tennis elbow include golfers, baseball players, bowlers, gardeners or landscapers, house or office cleaners (because of vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing), carpenters, mechanics, and assembly-line workers, etc. Read more about Causes of Tennis Elbow.

Another common term called "Golfer's elbow" is used when the inner side (medically, medial side) of the elbow is affected.

What Happens In Tennis Elbow?


  • Most commonly affects the dominant arm
  • Pain on the outer side of elbow
  • Tenderness on the bony prominence of the outer side of elbow
  • Pain radiating to upper arm, forearm or back of the elbow
  • Pain on gripping something or twisting the forearm
  • Weak grip strength
  • Difficulty in performing simple day-to-day activities like using a keyboard, opening the door, shaking hands, etc.

What Can Tennis Elbow Lead To?

Untreated Tennis elbow can lead to chronic pain, especially while lifting and gripping objects. If too much of strain is taken upon by the affected arm before proper healing of the elbow, it can worsen the troubles.

How Well Homeopathy Works In Tennis Elbow?

  • Contrary to the popular myth that Homeopathic medicines are slow in action, the truth is that Homeopathy is known to bring about amazing results in acute conditions within minutes to few hours.
  • Homeopathy, in fact, has become quite popular for sports medicine as it brings relief to a range of musculoskeletal injuries quickly.
  • The reason for this popularity is that Homeopathic medicines are very safe for the body causing almost no side effects, which is why they can be repeated frequently in injuries.
  • Many Homeopathic remedies are like instant pain-killers. But even better than this is the fact that apart from relieving pain, they also bring about healing in the strained or injured muscles and tendons in the most natural way.
  • Homeopathy thus gives remarkable results in the Treatment of Tennis elbow.

Few of our amazing remedies for Psoriasis include:

  • Arnica Montana: Wonderful remedy for initial acute stage of Tennis elbow. Patient gets sprain and soreness from overexertion that worsens on touch and least motion.
  • Rhus Toxicondendron: Recommended for chronic Tennis elbow. It works best when pains start with initial motion and gets better by gradual movement.
  • Bryonia Alba: It is indicated when pains worsen on least movement and warmth. Patient becomes grumpy and prefers being left alone.
  • Ruta Graveolens: Works well when there is dull or tearing pain in the elbow or in the bones. Arm feels bruised. It is a wonderful remedy for pains and pulls of tendons and ligaments.