• Sinusitis Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
homeopathic treatment for sinusitis
  • Homoeopathic treatment for Sinusitis is very effective in relieving acute as well as chronic Sinusitis. Homoeopathic treatment for Sinusitis can be a boon for all those who are more prone to problems in the winters and often develop respiratory ailments due to sensitivity to cold and allergy.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis is safe and effective for both children and adults. In treating sinusitis, Homeopathy aims at strengthening the patient's constitution and eradicating the underlying conditions such as sensitivity to cold air and nasal allergies.
  • Also, homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis helps in drainage of mucus, relieving sinus congestion, reduces inflammation in the sinuses and relieves pain and pressure by clearing the infection.
  • Constitutional homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis can stop the chronicity of complaints and prevent relapse of the disease. Homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis improves the vitality of the patient and eliminates the entire allergic predisposition hence impeding recurrent infections. Through its constitutional and anti-miasmatic treatment, it can drastically eradicate the underlying etiology permanently.
  • Thus timely and appropriately administered remedies in homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis help to avoid surgery and its inherent complications. Some of them are:
    • Silicea: It is very effective in homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis in individuals who are extremely sensitive to the least amount of chill in the air and often develop frontal headaches or heaviness during the attack.
    • Kali Bichromicum: It is helpful in cases where the discharges are very stringy, sticky and yellowish green or when the patient complains of a constant pain in the root of the nose in homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis.
    • Hepar Sulphuris: It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for painful purulent sinusitis. Pain is worse by cold and is relieved by warm applications. Sensitive to cold dry wind, with running thick, offensive discharges from the nose.

More than 100 remedies work effectively in homeopathic treatment for Sinusitis, some of them being:

INFLAMMATION, Sinuses, Nose: 1Abies-c, 3Acan-p, 1Achy, 1Aesc, 1Aeth, 1Agav-t, 1Am-m, 1Ammc, 1Anag, 1Ant-c, 1Ant-t, 1Aq-mar, 1Arist-cl, 1Arn, 2Ars, 1Ars-i, 1Arum-t, 1Asaf, 1Astra-e, 1Aur, 1Aur-m, 1Aur-m-n, 1Bell, 1Bell-p, 2Berb, 1Brom, 1Bry, 1Cact, 4CALC, 1Calc-f, 1Calc-s, 1Calc-sil, 1Camph, 1Cand-a, 1Caras, 1Carc, 1Care-a, 1Caul, 1Cench, 1Cham, 1Chel, 1Chin-s, 1Cimx, 1Cinnb, 1Cist, 1Coch, 1Com, 1Cor-r, 1Cori-r, 1Cupr, 1Cupr-m, 1Cycl, 1Emer, 1Eucal, 1Euph, 1Euph-cy, 1Excr-can, 1Ferr, 1Fl-ac, 1Gels, 4HALIAE-LC, 1Hecla, 1Hed, 4HEP, 1Hera, 1Hip-ac, 1Hippoz, 2Hoch, 4HYDR, 1Ign, 1Iod, 1Iris, 1Just, 3Kali-bi, 1Kali-c, 1Kali-chl, 2Kali-i, 1Kali-n, 1Kali-s, 1Kali-sil, 1Kreos, 1Lac-c, 1Lav-v, 3Luf-op, 1Lyc, 1Mag-c, 1Mag-f, 1Mag-m, 1Mag-p, 1Med, 1Mentho, 3Merc, 2Merc-c, 1Merc-i-f, 1Merc-k-i, 1Mez, 1Mim-p, 1Morg, 1Morg-g, 1Nat-m, 1Nat-s, 1Nelu, 2Nico-r, 1Nit-ac, 1Nux-v, 1Oplo-h, 1Ozone, 1Par, 1Penic, 1Ph-ac, 3Phos, 1Pitu-a, 1Psor, 3Puls, 1Pyre-p, 1Pyrog, 1Ros-b, 1Sabad, 1Sam-m, 1Sang, 1Sanguin-n, 1Sanic-eu, 1Sarr, 1Sep, 4SIL, 1Spig, 1Stann, 3Stict, 2Stoi-k, 3Sulph, 1Syc-co, 1Syph, 1Terb-s, 1Teucr, 1Teucr-sc, 1Thuj, 1Trio, 1Tub, 1Tung, 1Verb, 1Zinc
NOSE, Extending, to Frontal sinuses: 2Ars, 1Berb, 1Bry, 2Calc, 2Cupr, 1Ferr, 1Hep, 2Hydr, 3Kali-bi, 2Kali-chl, 2Kali-i, 1Kali-m, 3Lyc, 1Med, 3Merc, 1Merc-i-f, 2Nat-m, 1Nat-s, 2Nux-v, 2Puls, 2Sang, 3Sil, 1Stict, 3Thuj, 1Verb

The remedy abbreviations with

  • 4 marks- most effective,
  • 3 marks- quite effective,
  • 2 marks- less effective,
  • 1 mark- least effective.
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