• Sciatica Risk Factors

Risk Factors
  • Age: The spectrum of Sciatica begins after the age of 30 years. As age advances, the likelihood increases due to faster degeneration of spine and herniated discs.
  • Weight: Being overweight generally increases stress on the spine and triggers faster spinal changes.
  • Physical Stress: Activities like carrying heavy weights / burdens and driving heavy motor vehicles add to the stress on the spine.
  • Occupation: A habit of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle, mainly due to a desk job can press on the sciatic nerve and induce symptoms.
  • Metabolic disorders: Pre-existing diseases like Diabetes Mellitus tend to increase the chance of Sciatica because nerve damage is one of the complications of Diabetes.
  • Posture: Very tall people tend to bend forward while walking, talking, sitting and working. sciatica habitual inclination like this can precipitate postural Sciatica.
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