• Sciatica Categorization

Category (Skin, General, Viral, Contagious) Disease of Musculo Skeletal System And Connective Tissue
System Nervous System
Organ Sciatic Nerve
Alternate Names /Common Names Sciatic neuritis, Sciatic neuralgia or Lumbar Radiculopathy
Names in different languages Kaṭisnāyuśūla - in Hindi
ICD 10 Classification M 54.3
  • Due to intervertebral disc disorder (M51.1)
  • With lumbago (M54.4)
World statistics Prevalence in 0.1 to 0.2 % of total population
Most prevalent in United States- It has 47 % of surgical disc interventions only for Sciatica.
INCIDENCE 15 to 40% of world population in a lifetime
Free-trial 45 days