• Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease include:


  • Patients may experience trembling of limbs, generally of the hands and fingers.
  • Tremors may also be present when the hand is at rest.

Slow movements:

  • Also known as bradykinesia, slow movements are among the most important symptoms of Parkinson's disease. With advanced stages, ability to move or perform small tasks reduces remarkably.
  • Steps may become shorter on walking, or one may have to drag the feet while trying to walk, making it difficult to move.


  • Muscles in any part of the body may become stiff or rigid.
  • Stiff muscles limit the range of motion and can cause pain.

Other symptoms:

  • Difficulties with posture and balance: Posture may become stooped, or there may be difficulties to maintain balance.
  • Loss of automatic movements: Performing unconscious movements, like blinking, smiling may become difficult or absent. It will be difficult to produce gestures while talking.
  • Speech difficulties: Speech may become soft, quick or slurred or the patient may hesitate before talking.