• Parkinson's Disease Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic treatment for Parkinsons Disease
  • Homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's Disease is steadily finding its place in the world of Medicine.
  • The best part about homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease is that it is a very rational and comprehensive choice since
    • Symptoms are treated holistically and few remedies are prescribed in homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease.
    • Remedies work together with the immune system and assist the body in natural healing.
    • Results are quick in homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease (contrary to popular belief that Homeopathy is slow).
    • It is completely safe for everyone including the elderly.
    • Body does not develop a resistance to higher doses of Homeopathy (as in the case of conventional medicine where with each dose, the response decreases)
  • Homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease takes into consideration complete history (personal, past and family) of the patient, his nature and personality.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease not only helps to bring relief in the symptoms, but also helps to prevent relapses.

Some of our amazing remedies include

Rhus Tox: Indicated in homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease where tremors start with pain. Crawling and tingling sensation in the tips of fingers. Worse during sleep, cold, wet rainy weather and after rain, during rest, and when lying on back.

Argentum Nitricum: Inco-ordination, loss of control and imbalance with trembling and general debility. Of great use in homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease when there is rigidity of calves, unsteady gait and numbness of body, especially of the arms.

Conium: Extremities are heavy, weak and tired. There is trembling and unsteadiness of hands. Wonderful remedy in homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease when muscular weakness of lower extremities predominates. Patient is worse by lying down, turning or rising in bed.

Agaricus Muscarius: One of the excellent choices of remedy in Homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease. Jerking, twitching, trembling and itching are strong indications of this medicine. There is stiffness of extremities and unsteady gait.

  • Have a look at some of the remedies used for the homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease. The treatment given by our Experts is highly specific for the individual we treat and not limited to 2 or 3 drugs. Homeopathic treatment for Parkinson's disease offers more than 80 remedies effective against the condition.

PARKINSON, MORBUS: 3Agar, 1Alum, 3Ant-t, 1Aran, 1Aran-ix, 1Arg-m, 3Arg-n, 1Arn, 1Ars, 1Aur, 3Aur-s, 1Aven, 3Bani-c, 1Bar-c, 4BELL, 3Brachy-s, 1Bufo, 1Buth-aust, 1Camph, 3Camph-br, 1Cann-i, 1Caust, 1Chin, 1Chin-b, 1Chin-s, 1Chlorpr, 1Cimic, 1Cocain, 1Cocc, 3Con, 2Cory-c, 3Dubin, 1Dubin-s, 1Ergot, 3Gels, 1Gink, 1Halo, 1Helo, 1Hippoz, 3Hyos, 3Hyosin, 1Ign, 1Iod, 3Kali-br, 1Kres, 2Lac-c, 1Lath, 1Levo, 1Lil-t, 3Lol, 1Lyc, 1Mag, 3Mag-p, 1Mang, 1Mang-o, 1Merc, 1Merc-c, 1Merc-v, 1Neod, 1Ol-j, 2Olnd, 2Oxal, 1Parath, 1Passi, 3Peg, 1Perh, 3Phos, 3Phys, 1Pic-ac, 1Plat, 3Plb, 1Pras, 1Prun, 1Psil, 3Puls, 1Rauw, 1Reser, 4RHUS-T, 1Scut, 1Stram, 1Stry, 1Sulo-ac, 1Syph, 1Tab, 3Tarent, 1Thiop, 1Verat-v, 4ZINC, 1Zinc-br, 1Zinc-cy, 3Zinc-pic

PARALYSIS AGITANS, Extends from, Upwards: 2Ars, 2Con, 1Hydr-ac, 1Mang

PARALYSIS AGITANS, One sided, Coldness of the paralyzed part, with: 1Ars, 2Caust, 1Cocc, 2Dulc, 1Graph, 1Nux-v, 1Plb, 1Rhus-t, 1Zinc

The remedy abbreviations with

  • 4 marks- most effective,
  • 3 marks- quite effective,
  • 2 marks- less effective,
  • 1 mark- least effective

It is, however, worthwhile to remember that self-medication is not recommended.