• Lumbar Spondylosis Symptoms


Most of the patients have following symptoms of lumbar Spondylosis:

lumbar spondylosis symptoms
  • 37 % of patients suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis do not have any symptoms initially.
  • Pain in the back - mild to severe.
  • Stiffness especially in morning lasting for more than 30 minutes.
  • Pain radiating to lower limbs which progresses gradually and worsens later on.
  • Difficulty in performing daily activities like lifting, bending
  • Tenderness to pressure on lower back.
  • Abnormality in posture and gait
  • Sciatica – Severe pain at the back of the leg proceeding downward till foot.
  • Foot drop – dropping of due to nerve irritation and weakness.
  • Neurological manifestations include –
    • Tingling and numbness in toes
    • Abnormal sensations in lower limbs
    • Loss of sensations in lower limbs
    • Difficulty in balancing and poor coordination
    • Weakness of leg muscles, poor or weak muscle tone in legs
    • Poor bladder or bowel control