• Hoarseness of Voice Introduction


Voice production is a complex process which involves a lot of systems working together. These systems are:

  • Air pressure System: The organs involved are diaphragm, chest and abdominal muscles, ribs and lungs. They are responsible for providing and regulating air pressure to cause vocal cords to vibrate.
  • Vibratory System: The voice box, which is the larynx in which the vocal cords are located cause the vibration, change air pressure to sound waves causing a buzz sound.
  • Resonating System: The mouth, throat and the nasal passages changes the buzz sound into a recognizable voice.
hoarseness of voice introduction

Hoarseness of voice is caused due to soreness or injury to vocal cords. Soreness of larynx might be due to viral infection or overuse of voice by shouting or singing out of proportion.

There are many other causes which might be neuromuscular, psychiatric, any systemic diseases and cancer.

Hoarseness of voice is also common in chronic smokers.

Long-standing hoarseness of more than three weeks should seek help of health care provider immediately.

Homeopathic treatment for hoarseness of voice minimizes the intensity of the symptoms, shortening the illness and arresting the disease process by preventing any complications.

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