• Head Lice Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions
  • It is a type of skin disease common in children but not rare in adults.
  • Scabies occurs due to the mite, Sarcoptes Scabei, that make burrows in the skin and gives rise to severe itching mostly in the night.
  • It is the infection of skin follicles by trauma or excess sweating.
  • The patients present with acute onset of eruptions associated with itching or mild discomfort. The eruptions usually become pus-filled and painful.
Irritant Contact Dermatitis
  • This is the inflammation of the skin which shows redness, swelling and scaling with itching.
  • It is a reaction due to some metal or chemical in contact with the body.
Delusions of Parasitosis
  • In this condition the patient believes that he is suffering from infestation of insects even when they are not actually there.
  • He keeps on scratching and this presentation is known as the matchbox sign or "Saran-wrap sign."