• Head Lice

Summary of Head Lice

Have tiny, brown and ugly-looking insects made your child's head their home?

Are you fed up of seeing your child constantly scratch his head?

Then we have the solution for YOU!

What Is Head Lice?

LICE or LOUSE (singular) is a form of wingless insect which dwells on the host's (usually mammals and birds) scalp.

They are the scavengers feeding on our blood and sweat and if taken away from the host, they die soon. Click to read Causes of Head Lice.

It is one of the commonest problems faced in kids, and the risk is more while playing or studying with children harbouring lice. It is also found in adults who have poor hygiene and those who come in touch with lice infested people.

What happens in Head Lice?

Quick Look
  • Severe uncontrollable itching on the scalp
  • Ticklish feeling on the head any time any where
  • The eggs/nits of lice are attached to strands of hair
  • Red bumps and sores after scratching
  • Secondary bacterial infection due to excessive scratching.

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Summary of Head Lice

What Can Lice Lead To?

  • Skin becomes thick, rough and leathery
  • Skin can break open and cause wounds leading to various infections
  • Lack of proper sleep and psychological disturbances
  • Lack of concentration in studies
  • Poor performance at work

How Well Homeopathy Works In Head Lice

The medicines of Homeopathy offer excellent treatment for lice.

They work by balancing the susceptibility of the individual on prescribing a remedy which is most suitable to his or her constitution. We, at WelcomeCure, treat the patient after taking all the symptoms in detail and investigating the case thoroughly.

Homeopathic treatment for lice offers more than 25 effective remedies that can be used to get rid of these irritating parasites.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

Staphysagria- Severe itching, redness and inflammation of scalp after scratching due to lice.

Carbolic acid- One of the chief medicines for lice, used in mother tincture form for local application on hair. Burning and ulceration of skin after itching.

Sabadilla- Lice affecting skin of whole body, including head. Hot, burning, crawling and creeping sensation of whole body. Very effective in low potencies, for treatment of lice.

So use HOMEOPATHY to - "Have a head free of the itch devils!"