• Diaper Dermatitis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 1 What product or substance should I avoid with my baby?

    Avoid products which contain harsh chemicals. If after using any product your baby develops rashes stop using the product immediately & contact doctor. Regarding any new product, it is better to take advice of your doctor beforehand. Avoid talcum powders, fragrant creams, oils, soaps etc. Talcum powders can be inhaled by the babies and may affect the lungs. For more such guidance and tips on how to treat Diaper Dermatitis, talk to our experts now!

  • 2 Can Diaper Dermatitis affect adults too?

    Yes, though Diaper dermatitis is most common at age of 3-12 months, it can definitely affect children or adults who need to use diaper. Children who suffer from nocturnal incontinence need to put diapers and it may cause rashes. In elderly, urinary or bowel incontinence may lead to use of diapers. Wet diapers or soiled diapers along with long contact with urine or stool damages the skin resulting in inflammatory reactions. This can lead to Diaper Dermatitis.

  • 3 My 7 month old baby has developed few rashes at diaper area since few days. I had recently introduced some new foods in her diet. Could it be the reason? Also, how safe is Homeopathic medicine for my little one?

    Sometimes, introduction of new foods may cause some allergy to babies and as a result they can develop some rashes. But rashes could be due to other reasons too. Introduction of new foods can be just a coincidence. Meanwhile you can stop the particular food and notice if, the rashes go away. If baby is found to be allergic to some particular food, it is better to avoid the same.

    Regarding, safety of Homeopathic medicines in small babies, homeopathy is absolutely safe and side effect free for them. Homeopathic medicines do not contain steroids or harmful chemicals and so it does not harm your little ones. Homeopathy is natural, easy to administer and safe.

  • 4 My baby is 4 months old. I am using traditional cloth diaper for him, since using modern diapers on daily basis is not affordable. He has not developed any rashes yet, but I am worried. How can I ensure that cloth diaper do not cause rashes to him?

    Though, modern, dispensable, airy & multilayered diapers are considered superior; it may incur cost problems. But do not worry. If, you are using traditional diapers, you can yet ensure better precaution against rashes by following measures-

    • Always make sure that you keep your baby diaper free for some time daily
    • Do not let baby stay in wet diaper for long.
    • Clean baby s bottom gently. Let it dry in air before putting diapers again.
    • Soak soiled diaper in warm water for some time.
    • Wash soiled diapers in hot water with mild detergent & bleach etc
    • Make sure you rinse the diaper properly to remove all the soap residues from diaper.
    • Dry the diapers in Sun, which kills germs
    • Avoid plastic sheets, perfumed products etc, which may irritate soft skin of your baby.

  • 5 What type of diaper is better to prevent Diaper Dermatitis?

    Though keeping baby diaper free is best way to prevent Diaper Dermatitis, it is not practical. Also, at night time diapers are essential for undisturbed sleep for both baby and parents. And apart from diapers, there are other non diaper causes of Diaper Dermatitis too.

    Usually, modern diapers which are superabsorbent with central jelly, multilayered, disposable, leak free and allow air to pass are better than traditional diapers. Proper fitting & size is also an important factor while choosing diapers. Avoid napkins which contain toxic products and allergen substances.

    Always change baby s diaper when they are wet or soiled. Urine or stools can damage baby s delicate skin. When baby passes urine or stool, wash baby s genitalia with warm water and mild soaps. Be gentle. Let baby s skin dry completely before you put another diaper.

  • 6 Can Diaper Dermatitis be life threatening?

    Diaper dermatitis is limited to the skin area which comes under the contact of diaper. It may include areas like genitalia, genital folds, thigh, buttock, anus etc. When it receives proper treatment, it can be easily treated. In general, it is not life threatening. But if ignored it can result in secondary infections like Cellulitis, Necrotizing fasciitis, etc. In small babies, these conditions can be life threatening. Warm & wet condition at buttock area favors bacterial multiplication. Infection may spread to deeper structures which can enter in lymph or blood to spread in whole body resulting in severe complications. If, there is high fever, chills, severe pain, no response to oral medicines; hospitalization may be required.

    Diaper Dermatitis can result in Sepsis. It is probably the most serious and life endangering complication of Diaper Dermatitis. Sepsis is the systemic infectious condition where infection has spread in full body through blood.

    Hence, timely treatment is the best possible way to prevent these life threatening situations. But, it is also true that not every case of Diaper Dermatitis is life threatening. Only delayed cases or those with complications are fatal.

  • 7 What is the recommended diet for Diaper dermatitis problems?

    Below mentioned diet is recommended for diaper dermatitis condition-

    • Eat cheese, yogurt, chicken, meat, liver, oily fishes, green vegetables, fruits etc for good amount of biotin in your diet.
    • Consume Zinc rich foods like beans, seafood, chicken, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts, chocolates, chicken, mushrooms, etc
    • Include lots of natural yogurt in diet if, you are nursing your baby.
    • Drink plenty of water.

    Avoid following food items-

    • If you are nursing, then preferably avoid fermented foods, coffee, sugar, sweets, citrus fruits and dairy products.
    • Identify & avoid any food item or liquid in baby s or in nursing mother s diet; which is causing allergic reaction.

  • 8 What should be done at every napkin change to minimize chances of Diaper rashes?

    At every napkin change, wash baby s genitalia with warm water and mild soaps. Be gentle and do not use wet wipes which may contain allergic preservatives. Also, before putting another napkin, make sure that bottom of baby is absolutely dry. Give some air time to dry it naturally. You can apply natural and pure petroleum jelly to form a protective barrier. Avoid using talcum powder which can be inhaled by the babies. Preferably, use modern nappies which are superabsorbent with central jelly, multilayered, disposable, leak free and allows air to pass. If using, traditional nappies, make sure they are clean and dry.

  • 9 How to prevent diaper dermatitis?

    Prevention of Diaper Dermatitis is easier than its treatment. Hence, main focus should be on its prevention.

    • Wash baby s genitalia with warm water and mild soaps.
    • Keep babies skin dry & clean.
    • Give sufficient air time daily, to baby s skin to allow it to dry naturally.
    • Change diapers frequently even if they are not wet.
    • Use modern nappies which are superabsorbent with central jelly, multilayered, disposable, leak free and allows air to pass.
    • Avoid traditional cloth napkins. If, using, wash and rinse them properly.
    • Use proper fitted napkins according to baby s age and size.
    • Do not let baby stay in wet or soiled nappies. Change them when they are wet or soiled.
    • Avoid napkins which contain toxic products and allergen substances.
    • Avoid plastic sheets.

  • 10 Which Homeopathic medicines are generally used to treat diaper dermatitis?

    Homeopathic treatment for Diaper Dermatitis has many medicines which are anti inflammatory and powerful pain controllers. In Homeopathy, medicines are selected after a full examination and a detailed case-analysis, which includes the birth history, medical, family and past history of baby and then perfect similimum, is prescribed. Also baby s nature and behaviour are taken into consideration.

    Homeopathy is capable to prevent your little babies from all the pain, itching and irritation. Homeopathy will not reduce symptoms but will also make sure that it does not reoccur. Homeopathic medicines are safe, side effect free, easy to administered and well proved. In breast fed babies, medicines can be dissolved in mother s milk and then it can be given to the baby. It is absolutely painless and your kid will love to take it.

    Homeopathy is a logical, safe and quick mode of treatment. It is also capable of managing sepsis & other severe complication of Diaper Dermatitis. In elderly, Diaper dermatitis due to incontinence is also treated well with Homeopathy. Causative factor is also treated in Homeopathy so that there is no recurrence.

    There are more than 200 remedies for diaper dermatitis in our treasury of medicines. Few of our amazing remedies include Sulphur, Graphites, Silicea, Calendula, Cantharis, Belladonna, Bryonia, Rhus toxicodendron etc. Note- Please do not indulge in self medication. It may be harmful to your health. Get the best Homeopathic treatment from our Global Experts!

  • 11 How will Homeopathy treat in cases of diaper dermatitis?

    Homeopathy can treat diaper dermatitis efficiently, in both babies and elderly. Homeopathy will regress it and treat it from the roots. It is the perfectly, safe and side effect free superior treatment option for your little angels. Homeopathy is very proficient in managing the symptoms of Diaper Dermatitis and has an excellent success rate. It corrects the genetic predisposition and susceptibility towards Diaper Dermatitis.

    Homeopathy is absolutely steroid free; and hence it will not cause any long term harmful effects on little babies. Homeopathy comes as most effective line of treatment and manages efficient role in immunity development and sets the clock of healing from within naturally. Homeopathy takes care of all the symptoms holistically. HOMEOPATHY is a system of medicine which treats the disease in the gentlest possible way. It treats the patient and not merely the disease. Homeopathy believes that all external manifestation of a disease is due to internal disturbances within the body. So it believes in eliminating root cause and not merely suppressing it.

    Also it makes sure that the immunity of the patient is strengthened in a way that the disease cannot recur again. Moreover, none of the medicines cause any unwanted side effects. Homeopathy has given astonishing results to many people with diaper dermatitis.

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