• Callosities (Corns) Treatment


Treatment of the corns and calluses primarily comprises of removal of the cause of pressure and friction along with removal of the thickened skin.

  • Salicylic acid products such as creams or ointments can be useful for softening of the thickened skin, which can then be removed or peeled off. However, it should never be applied over fragile skin, broken or cracked skin as it can damage the skin, nerves or tendons. It should be avoided by persons with diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, or peripheral neuropathy
  • Use of corn plaster or rings to cover the skin around the corn can help ease the pain and pressure
  • For infected corns or calluses with oozing or fluid or pus, one needs to see the doctor immediately
  • If the corns or calluses are causing severe pain and significantly hampering the person's daily activities, then they can be removed surgically
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