• Callosities (Corns) Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment
  • Homeopathic treatment for corns and calluses offers medicines that have been proven to be highly effective in eliminating them from their core in the quickest, gentlest and long-lasting manner.
  • Corns and calluses occur because of a tendency in the patient for developing them. This tendency, in addition to the various maintaining causes like sustained pressure and friction, lead to recurrence of these conditions.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Corns and Calluses focuses on eliminating this tendency using a holistic approach by studying the patient.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Corns and Calluses is safe, gentle and does not involve application of any cauterizing or painful agent.

There are 100+ highly potent remedies for complete treatment for corns and calluses in Homeopathy. See how several remedies in homeopathic treatment for corns and calluses can be given depending on the finer differentiation points listed below:

CORNS, HAND: 1Alum, 3Am-c, 2Arn, 1Ars, 3Bry, 2Calc, 1Calc-s, 1Caust, 1Cocc, 2Ign, 2Kali-c, 4LYC, 1Mag-m, 1Nat-c, 1Nux-v, 2Rhus-t, 3Sep, 4SIL, 1Sul-ac, 4SULPH, 1Thuj

CORNS, HAND: 1Ant-c, 1Bor, 1Calc-f, 4GRAPH, 1Merc-i-r, 1Nat-m, 1Sil, 1Sulph, 1Thuj

CORNS, TOES: 1Abort, 1Agar, 3Am-c, 1Anac, 4ANT-C, 3Bar-c, 1Berb, 1Bor, 1Bov, 3Brom, 1Calad, 4CALC, 1Calc-caust, 1Carb-an, 1Carb-v, 1Caust, 1Dios, 1Graph, 1Haliae-lc, 1Hep, 1Ign, 1Iod, 3Kali-c, 1Kali-n, 3Lac-d, 4LYC, 1M-arct, 1Nat-c, 3Nat-m, 1Neon, 1Nit-ac, 3Petr, 3Ph-ac, 3Phos, 1Ran-s, 1Rhod, 1Sac-l, 1Sep, 3Sil, 1Spig, 4SULPH, 1Thuj

The remedy abbreviations with
  • marks 4 - most effective,
  • marks 3 - quite effective,
  • marks 2 - less effective,
  • marks 1 -least effective.
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