• Athlete's Foot Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Athlete's Foot can happen to anyone. Statistics shows that almost 70% of the population suffer from Athlete's Foot at some point in their life. However, certain groups have been seen to be more prone to develop the condition. They include:

  • People whose immune system is weakened, either by the prolonged use of steroids, chemotherapy or HIV infection.
  • Men are more prone to athlete's foot than women.
  • Individuals who come in close contact with infected persons.
  • Rainy season is conducive to the spread of Athlete's foot. Wet shoes and socks commonly encountered in this season aids in growth of the fungus.
  • People suffering from Diabetes Mellitus are more likely to develop the disease, as their immunity is compromised and so is the power of healing.
  • Children are more prone to the infection.